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King Lazaras's Call to Arms

An Address to the Citizens of Solaris and People of New Haven by His Majesty, King Lazaras Bolstratos:

People of Solaris and New Haven,

As you know, my Queen was taken from me last night during the celebration of Solaris's birth. What was meant to be a joyous night for all, turned into a most horrific event. Many were injured during the attack on the Kingdom and many more killed.

I come to you in this time of need with a proposition:

Anyone who brings back the head of that infernal Amethyst dragon will be rewarded greatly with gold, a title, and land of their own. Anyone who is willing to take up arms and bring vengeance upon the dragon will be given compensation accordingly:

  • Groups of 3 or more will receive 250 Gold Pieces

  • Groups of 2 or less will receive 125 Gold Pieces

There will be a breifing at the Palace Barracks in one week. There will be longing prepared for anyone coming from outside of Solaris during the week before the breifing. You will have time to buy equipment for your quest and train with our strongest soldiers.

It is suspected that the attack came from Krelemour, the Land of Dragons. Start there and find out what you can about the Amethyst Dragon's whereabouts.


His Majesty, King Lazaras of Solaris

Kingdom of Solaris, New Haven

Gem: Opal
Colors: Coral, Gold, White, Teal
Symbol: Swan
Age of the Kingdom: 200 Years
Photo by MidJourney
Photo by MidJourney
Name: Lazaras Bolstratos
Race: Human
Age: 38
Place of Birth: The Kingdom of Solaris, New Haven
Name: Amara Bolstratos
Race: Human
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Unkown
Photo by MidJourney


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