The 9th world

Most of the land mass has once again joined to form a gigantic supercontinent, leaving the rest of the globe to the mercy of a single ocean dotted with islands. The moon is smaller than we are accustomed to because its orbit is wider. Due to the effect this has on the planet’s rotation, days are now 28 hours long. The year’s length has not changed, however, so a Ninth World year has only 313 days.

The area towards the south-west of the continent is called The Steadfast.   It is composed of 9 different kingdoms, many of them in conflict with each other. The only thing they got in common is the advice by the Order of Truth.   This order is dedicated toward the numenera and by extension, the previous civilizations investigation and is venerated by most of the outsiders as a religion.   The steadfast has the biggest known cities, and it is moderately safe in the patrolled areas.
West and north of The Steadfast, is The Beyond.   There are fewer settlements here and the ones that exist are smaller and normally isolated.   Nomadic tribes are common. Whole country size areas, are covered by ruins, most who enter those places, are never seen again.
  Beyond the Beyond, lies the rest of the supercontinent. No communication has been established with this area, so their status is unknown. There are rumours of areas, even wilder than anything seen in the Beyond. And also of cities bigger than those found in the Steadfast, dominated by god-like creatures.  


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