Guild Contracts

In a city where criminals seem to run riot, the Guild Contract allows otherwise chaotic elements of society to work together with minimal friction. All guilds in Kunrai live and die by the contract that binds lower ranking members to the leadership. While these simple documents contain plain language and spell out mundane business details such as how shares of stolen goods are divided, the hierarchy of officers in the Guild, how lower-level members will be promoted, it also contains much more important and esoteric bindings.   All Guild contracts are signed by both the Guild officer and the member, in blood. The signatures complete the complex magical inscriptions that tie the souls of the guild member and its leadership together. If either side violates their agreements, the penalty is most often a significant transfer of radiance from the offending party to the offended. This helps keep both sides honest, because the writing radiance to an enemy can allow that enemy to quickly become a serious threat.Other forms of contract do exist, though these are typically for shorter assignments. Specialists, such as spirit hounds and vaulters, are often given shorter-term contracts with less stringent penalties and more profitable payouts. These are often tied to specific jobs and and when the assignment is completed.   In rare cases, guilds will voluntarily sever a contract and release members from their duties. This most often happens when a leader dies or Guild loses too many members to remain viable.   If a Guild member attempts to leave all the contract is still active, the leadership may choose to enact the so-called blood clause. If this occurs, the Guild's members will hunt down the renegade and slaughter them at the earliest opportunity. These Crimson Contracts carry an additional penalty that makes them widely feared and reviled.   It is said that the killed Guild member cannot pass on to the next life until the Crimson Contract is destroyed. Trapped between worlds, the dead man or woman haunts Kunrai in search of vengeance.
Contract, Private


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