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Sticky Mushrooms

Interesting mushrooms with varying properties depending on it's growth stages. These mushrooms start out white, as they mature they turn yellowish, or Orange. Growing to around 10 inches tall, these mushrooms are relatively easy to identify. One of the main features of these mushrooms that stand out is their incredible sticky nature, specifically the orange variants. Sticky to the touch, boiling the orange variety in water, and then boiling off the excess water leaves you with a very strong adhesive. The yellow variant seems to get it's color from being super dry. The Yellow mushroom almost dissolves into dust when touched, although mixed with a little water this turns into a semi-strong paste.

Basic Information


These mushrooms are around 10 inches tall, and have a wide colorful cap. Depending on the variant, this cap is either yellow, or Orangish in color. The yellow variant is described as being brittle, and very difficult to hold, as it easy falls apart. The Orange can be incredibly sticky to touch.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sticky mushrooms spread spores through their gils.

Growth Rate & Stages

Sticky mushrooms start out as almost all white mushrooms, over the course of 4-5 days turn to yellow. Depending on the amount of moisture these mushrooms use when forming, they may become more orangish in color, and posses the more sticky quality

Ecology and Habitats

Sticky mushrooms can be found all over Korth, although the variety may depend on ambient moisture in the air. Yellow variant's in dry areas. Orange in more humid, wet areas.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The sticky mushrooms are they are known, are a very useful variety. The Orange sticky mushrooms are incredibly handy for crafting, and building. The Yellow variant is used most often as a bandage material. As it can quickly adhere to the skin with a little water and bind a wound.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
10 Inches

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