New Arrivals

Criminal deposits, or criminal drops were a term coined early in Korth's history. The First was drop took place on May 1st, 3861 consisting of around 60 individuals. These people were Tier 2 criminals cast out of the solar system. Doomed to fate on Korth, a planet already deemed the trash planet, due to it's prior designation. For many years before the first humans arrived, trash would be dumped onto Korth, every other month. Creating 3 main trash heaps, or Drop Sites as they are called.     The different offences of the solar system are documented below. These are the crimes with the highest rates. Re-offences of any kind deems you Tier 2, and you would be jailed until your rehoming date. Breaking the child limit was considered a big issue, when this happened, the entire family was cast in jail. Tier 3 criminals were executed upon   Tier 1 Criminals
  • Insults to Higher Class
  • Missed payments
  Tier 2 Criminals
  • Re-offenders
  • Theft
  • Refusing Military Service
  • Breaking the 1 Child Limit 
  • Extortion
  • Threats
  Tier 3 Criminals
  • Assault of any kind, physical, or sexual assault.
  • Murder
  • Incest


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