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There were three Drop sites on Korth, they were roughly 50 miles apart from each other, arranged in a triangle from The Apex These drop sites were beyond large.    The one that was closest to the The Apex, directly to the east was estimated to be 55 square miles. Although it was oblong shaped, being much longer in longitude than latitude, stretching far to the East. It became Known as Drop City   The drop site to the south simply known as South Site  is the smallest. It is also the further from The Apex. Roughly a 60 mile journey from The Apex to the edge of the South Site. It is roughly 20 square miles of mixed scrap and trash.   The drop site to the west, known as Swamp Pit is in a lower elevation area. Due to this, there is alot of static water build up at the site itself, as well as the surrounding area. Getting to and from Swamp Pit is a task alone, that is before even getting to the Scrap itself. The shortest distance through the swamp to the drop site is still a 6-7 mile hike, and it is not an easy one. The scrapyard is on uneven soil, making moving around very dangerous as objects shift frequently.
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