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Double Black Mushrooms

Break down and consume most organic, and in-organic material. Thrives in Drop Sites due to this. These are given their name because two mushroom heads break off of one stipe (stem). They are almost pitch black. Due to them breaking down almost any material, they are often extremely poisonous. If ingested, these mushrooms cause what is called Cap Rott  Some, having a shiny, almost wet exterior can even be toxic to the touch. Due to their appearance they are often not mistaken as other types of mushrooms. They tend to avoid sunlight and thrive in dark, moist environments.

Basic Information


Double black mushrooms are fairly small. The largest reaching 6-7 inches tall, and each cap of the mushroom at it's largest 4 inches in diameter. This mushroom holds a unique appearance due to its dark black shade, as well as it has two caps from a single stipe. This is one of the few mushrooms that have a scent, although it is often lost in the environment.

Genetics and Reproduction

This mushroom drops spores. They are quite heavy and do not carry far in the wind.

Growth Rate & Stages

This mushroom mycelium grows very slowly, often taking a long time for fruiting bodies to appear. Once they do however, many fruiting bodies may start grow within days.

Ecology and Habitats

This type of mushrooms thrives off consuming non-organic material. Even being able to break down plastics and chemicals.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

These mushrooms are not often harvested. Due to their appearance they are not often even attempted as food. They have been collected and used as toxins and poisons though, and at this they excel.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Due to breaking down and preferring inorganic material, it is often found near, or within the Drop Sites
2-4 days once picked unless dried
Average Height
6-7 inches tall each stem diameter measures about 4 inches in diameter.
Geographic Distribution

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