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Cap Rott

Caused by ingesting Double Black Mushrooms . Cap Rott is a extremely fatal condition. If ingested, these mushrooms immediately start breaking down in the stomach causing organ failure. With this condition your Stomach, and your intestine tract start rotting from the inside out. If one of these Double Black Mushrooms was administered to a blade, or was introduced to an open wound, it will rott the surrounding skin, and quickly enter the bloodstream. There is no known cure for Cap Rott. Often this Condition causes death within 24 hours.

Transmission & Vectors

This condition can only be acquired through consumption or blood contact with toxic Double Black Mushrooms. If infected by this, it is possible to transfer it to another human through saliva, or blood.


Consumption or blood contact with Double Black Mushrooms


If ingested, physical symptoms start almost immediately. Burning of the esophagus, and burning of the stomach as the mushroom begins to break down. Extreme pain ensues as organs bein to die and rott away. This causes an odor to excrete from the body, this odor is apparent even as a bystander   If contact was made to an open wound, quickly a green tint to the wound will be physically apparent, within hours this may turn black and develop a foul odor, this discoloration may spread throughout the body as cells die.


There is no known treatment. Although slowing heart rate, or burning of an afflicted contact site has a chance of killing the fungal infection.


This condition is very fast acting. If ingested, unless all consumed Double Black Mushrooms can be emptied from the stomach within minutes, the effects will already be set. Depending on the amount consumed can either speed up, or slow down the process. If ingested, the condition is almost certainly fatal.   If administer through an open wound, the spread of this infection is slower, although once started, very difficult to stop.

Hosts & Carriers

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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