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Tarksday 15th of Valentus, 955 AH (Age of Heroes)

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An Empire Broken and Reforged

  Aetas Romana - By Adrian von Ziegler   Korinthos and it’s surrounding kingdoms are loosely based on a 4th century Byzantine Empire with major Roman and Greek influences. Korinthos is a land of Lumitech, items created from Lumite (a shining metal, doused by the magical light called Lumina) and inscribed with glyphings, glyphs of power arranged in sequences for effects. Korinthos is a land where Mythology, Culture, and Technology collide.   Korinthos itself is an empire that serves the same purpose as the Byzantine Empire of Old, it is a surviving barrier empire, designed by the Ravessian (Roman) Empire to keep the Southern Lands away from the civilized North (Christian barrier to keep away the Sunni Kingdoms). Like the Byzantine Empire of old, it outlived its parent empire. Korinthos protects the surviving inner kingdoms and is rife with political intrigue, devious plots, and a constant war against the Southern Lands and Eastern Invaders.   The Empire of Korinthos is a diverse land. To the far East, the Atlas Peaks rise on the edge of the Obsidian Sea, protecting the Eastern border as a natural wall, stretching fingers rising towards the sky and atop the highest mountain, the city of Icarus rests. To the West a large malevolent storm, called The Maelstrom, protects the Western edge of the empire, preventing any passage between the South and North by sea. Between the two natural defenses, a massive wall called the Praetorian Wall serves as the main defense against the South. Korinthos is beautiful and filled with rich farmland, full expansive forests, sweet rivers, and all manner of diverse wildlife. But monsters of Mythology and ages long forgotten still threaten life and when placed alongside the Southern and Eastern Threats, this land is a place of great danger.


Tales of Korinthos: A World Collapsing

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

5 heroes find themselves embroiled in age old conflicts, political intrigue, and ancient wars.