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Wood Elves


The Wood Elves are an ethnicity derived from the High Elves because they started to worship only the Eternal Life (and sometimes the sun).
The Wood Elves departed into different forests of Koria where they started to live in their own ways.

Differences to High & Silver Elves

Unlike their High and Silver Elf relatives, the Wood Elves eat meat just as much as plants, because it is part of life in the forest. Life is a cycle and so, for example, they have wild boar with nuts, salad and truly fine cheese. They specialise in tree houses and their short bows are second to none. In their demeanour, the forest elves are reminiscent of the druids, as they too are masters of nature magic (and others).
There are no other differences reported, at least as we know of.

Species traits

The Wood Elves are superior against the High and Silver Elves in regards of their short bows and their ways of hunting in the forests, plains and meadows.
Just like the other elves, they are good producers of fine fabrics, which the Wood Elves like to trade with other species.

Culinary Traits

The Wood Elves specialised in dishes where they combine the fruits of the forest and plains (nut, roots, plants, mushrooms etc.) with meat and cheese.
Female Wood Elf by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

Wood Elf Male Variant by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

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