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Vrisinas Emerald of the Cloudy Vale

This is one entry for the Cabinet of Curiosities (Guillermo del Toro anyone?) Challenge. It is assigned to the prompt "knowledge", "protect", "memories" and "time".


  Vrisinas Emerald of the Cloudy Vale is an orb designed and crafted by Mistress Vrisina, queen of Vraitha 650 years ago (counted from the appearence of the Spiral).   Its name derives from Her Mistress Vrisina; the dark green colour and green lightning inside the orb caused the "Emerald" and "Cloudy Vale" because of the believe that the land of memories is shrouded in fog and looks like an enshrouded vale. And that memories and thoughts themselves look and feel like clouds.   The Emerald itself is a smooth black and green stone and sits on a basis of still living wooden knotwork. Some say the roots are moving and searching for something, but there is no evidence or witnesses to support those rumors.  


  The reason behind the crafting of the Emerald was that Vrisina, Mistress of Vraitha 650 years ago, had a secret. A secret so devastating that she decided to store it away and erase it from her memory so she wouldn't tell a soul outside her bedroom about this secret. In short she discovered that

her bloodline was not the royal one and that her grandmother used ancient spells to erase the memory of the scholars so that she could rule and install the matriarchial kingdom. This included the rewriting of history books, tomes of her bloodline and the rules and roles of the successors.

  So Vrisina dived into magic and the crafting of artefacts to store this secret and delete her memory. It took her a lot of time between caring for her daughter and attend her duties (including those regarding her Consort), but after close to fifteen years she managed to get the result she wanted with a small test crystal. Her memory was small, a glimpse of a few seconds where she washed her hands, but it worked.   Two years and a few failures later she had managed to craft the Emerald including the living knotwork. She felt a relieve she hadn't felt for over twenty years as she ripped out the memory of the knowledge and put it in the Emerald, where it was stored for all eternity.   She left instructions with the Emerald as she was closing in on her last days in Koria. With a small needle, nearly hidden inside the living knotwork, she ensured that only females from the royal bloodline could use the Emerald.   Over the years the Emerald was used as a storage for secrets, memories of all kind, and advice. Its nearly unlimited storage is now relatively convoluted (650 years and nearly fifty Mistresses later it is no wonder) and lacks a good table of content or a guide. None of the Mistresses had thought about a guide and if, they decided against it, so nobody could know their secrets. This includes intimate, shameful, horrifying or just emberassing memories.   And now it sits in a hidden chamber inside the royal bedroom only usable by the royal females until the moment the reigning Mistress Vrinis, her daughter or someone in the future wants to use it. Be it for advice or storing away the next secret or memory.  


  The Emerald sits on top of a basis of living knotwork which resembles roots. Between the basis with the roots and the smooth cold surface of the Emerald sits a tiny needle which has the ability to suck up blood and to decode it, so the Emerald knows that the user is indeed a royal female.   In the moment the needle says yes, this is a royal female, the Emerald itself starts to glow in a faint green with a bit of green lighting. Where ever that is coming from, it is said to be a side-effect of Vrisinas crafting. The Emerald itself has no conciousness, it listens to your thoughts and your orders, but can't respond and only acts the way one speaks the order. One can try to find a memory with a search query like "Show me a memory on cooking" and it might show a memory of cooking a stew. Or cooking a skull, because it is the same and has cooking embedded in the search.   Basically the order for storing is just this: Store this memory or Store this secret. One can think about the memory/secret and the runework is sucking out the memory of ones brain and stores it. Or you can use it as a recording device and just tell the Emerald what the memory or the secret is. And once you are finished, the runework sucks up the secret or the memory and stores it.  

Cloudy Tales

Content warning: Blood, implicated violence, implicated child death
"I was never so emberassed in my life. Not even as my mum told her friends that I couldn't hold my water until I was fifteen. What was this bitch thinking? That it would be cool or fun? Not even has she ruined my very expensive dress, but Trusha saw me naked and during my female days. And with this kitschy underwear and love letter... I should have died on the spot. Well, whatever. He laughed so hard that there is no chance now of winning is heart. And mother banished him already, so I should search for a new Consort. sigh Whatever, store it, please."
— A heartbroken princess with the Emerald
"This palace is built on blood. And I mean it literally. Before Vrisina became the Mistress, the first king built the palace on thousand over thousands of slaves. Elves, Dwarves, but mostly Garladans, Underlings and a lot of Goblins for the more dangerous work. And everytime one of the groundworks was done he burried them in it. Used them as mortar. But he didn't only killed them. He let the Garladans do to the others what they wanted and if you know Garladans it is a lot. Their lust for procreation and knowledge is just not natural. After they had finished everyone, the king killed them with arrows and burried them, sealed them away. He did it three times and then built the rest of the palace with normal mortar and regular workers. So embarrassing. I doubt the Elves or Dwarves have forgotten about this. I hope our relationship can be restored when I am going to visit them. Wish me luck. - Store it, please."
— Another Mistress with a more bloody secret
"I couldn't bear it. I couldn't bear it. The way he looks at me. I thought he was my Soulmate. My Consort. But he was just a man. His death was not a natural one. I ordered an assassination by the Esatini and after his death I killed my unborn. I couldn't bear the thought to give birth to a monster." loud and then quiet sniffling "Now I am going to search for a Consort. A female maybe. I am not sure. But this time I want to make sure the man I am going to let ascend into the title of Consort and into my bed is really that man and not a monster in a mask. Don't let me do the same mistake twice. - Store it."
— A desperate Mistress under tears
Vrisinas Emerald of the Cloudy Vale by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
-652 years old
-crafted by Vrisina, former Mistress of Vraitha
-only usable by the females of the royal bloodline
-listens to small orders
-doesn't have a conciousness
-smooth, cold surface, even in the hottest summer
-Vrisina took the blueprints of the Emerald into her grave
-her tomb is locked from the inside

Cover image: Koria Main Header by CrazyEddie via Midjourney


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Feb 16, 2024 11:22 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I always like the idea of storing memories or secrets. The addition of a way to tell who is using the emerald is really cool.

Feb 21, 2024 18:13

Thanks a lot. Hope it is making sense.^^

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Feb 22, 2024 09:20

Woah, praktisch aber auch gefährlich - wenn man seine Erinnerungen verliert verliert man auch immer ein Stück dessen was einen Formt.
Moment! Verstehe ich das richtig: "650 years and nearly twice as many Mistresses later it is no wonder" d.h. jedes Jahr gibt es in Vraitha 2 neue Königinnen?? bzw. 2 neue weibliche Mitglieder in der Königlichen Familie? - Klingt nicht nach einer sehr stabilen Regierungsform ^^"

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  • Feb 22, 2024 22:07

    Das ist der Preis, den man zahlt, ja.^^

    "jedes Jahr gibt es in Vraitha 2 neue Königinnen" => nein. Also rein rechnerisch ja, aber einige sterben früh (bei der Geburt eines Kindes, Krankheit etc.), andere werden ermordet, andere verschwinden. Einige leben lange, andere sehr kurz. Die jüngste Königin war etwa 14 Jahre alt, bis sie mit 17 Jahren von einem wilden Eber niedergetrampelt wurde bei einer Jagd. Die älteste Königin war - bevor sie abdankte - knapp 72 Jahre alt. Also nichts ungewöhnliches, aber eventuell hast du Recht, 1300 Königinnen in 650 Jahren sind... viel. Ich rechne noch einmal nach.^^

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