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Silver Elves


The Silver Elves are an ethnicity derived from the High Elves because they started to worship only the moon and death. This started a small revolution inside the elven species and a controversy inside the religious believers.
Ultimately the Silver Elves departed into different areas of Koria where they started to live in their own ways.

Differences to High Elves

The only real difference to the High Elves is the more bloody way of believing (blood rituals among other things) and their appearance. They do have silvery-grey skin and hair, some say because they worship the pale moonlight. A different aspect are their different skin paintings, they also have a silver touch.
There are no other differences reported, at least as we know of.

Species traits

The Silver Elves are superior against the High Elves in smithing of armour and weapons. Their bows are not so strong as the High Elf bows, but they are much better in crafting protective and offensive gear. Even dwarves are sometimes envious of their crafting techniques and are happily going into competition with them.
Just like the other elves, they are good producers of fine fabrics, which the silver elves like to wear open, airy, sometimes transparent.

Culinary Traits

The Silver Elves specialised in one thing besides their dishes: alcohol!
Schnapps, wine, liqueurs, various kinds of whiskey (almost as good as the underlings), brandies and anything that even remotely contains alcohol such as beer, ale, sake or cider.
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