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The Rubykin is a dwarvish clan derived from the original, larger and older clan of the Stonekin dwarves. They are settled inside the Mountain Heart along the Onyxkin and the Goldkin. Together they defend and maintain the city.

Ruby Aspects

The Rubykin dwarves are derived from the Stonekin clan because they had various differences and a few military conflicts over the years. It ended with a truce and the contract that the Rubykin can do whatever they want if they help to maintain and defend the Mountain Heart.
But what distinguishes the Rubykin from the Stonekin, except from the name? Right, their craft. They let armour look like rubies, they create specialised arrows which have ruby-red tips (not actual rubies) which can explode inside a body or on impact. And they specialise in the creation of red paints and glass.

Believe it or not, but...

In addition to the Stonekin beliefs the Rubykin has a Ruby Goddess (surprise!) to whom they pray when they create everything with ruby or red or purple since purple and pink are just very bright versions of red. They do believe that said Goddess enhances the abilities of their craft or give them more opportunities in terms of finding rubies or new methods of crafting.
Meaty Bluecap by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
Culinary Shroomie
In terms of cuisine the Rubykin has gotten a nice cave system where they cultivate the Meaty Bluecap. This mushroom can grow up to 3m in total, sometimes higher. It glows from within, the glowing reaction is purely to attract insects to transport spores. Its flesh is as juicy as a mushroom can go and if cooked or fried it tastes likes umami, which is a fairly good use in the Dumpling Exchange. Even elves are interested in the flesh of the mushroom.
The mushroom itself has no other properties then glowing and tasting good, but its juicy has small healing capabilities and is used in cremes and potions.

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