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  The Glowballs are practically magical grenades which were researched & designed at the University of Hulwar and tested in the desert of Pisocenia and the various Goblin villages around Hulwar.   Their purpose is pretty easy: get thrown and do devastating damage in the proximity of the point of impact.  
"I do not care how much it costs, Headmaster. I care about my soldiers in and on the walls of the Black Fortress. I care for the Mortal Gods down in the Spiral and my workers who might get slaughtered by demons or nastier beings. For the love of Kamhandur, create a small weapon even a toddler can use."
— Former leader of the Black Fortress
  After nearly five years of creating, drafting, testing and a log of research the scientiest at the university created the Glowballs.  
"Wait? Are those...grenades?"
"Yes, you can call them this way."
"What are you calling them?"
"Because they are round and glow?"
"And explode, yes."

Parts & Usage

  Every Glowball is made of two iron bands surrounding an apple-sized sphere of coloured glass. Every iron band is inscribed on the inside with runes which describe the desired effect the Glowball should have.   The use of a Glowball is pretty simple: throw them at your target hard enough that the glass shatters. That releases the bound magic inside the glass sphere and lead it into the rune-inscribed iron bands which generates the desired effect. The colour of the glass sphere depicts their purpose.  


  You need a smith, a glassworker and a thaumaturg. And of course the description of the effect the Glowball should have. The glassworker creates the coloured glass sphere, the smith the iron bands and and close it around the sphere after the thaumaturg inscribed the inside of the iron bands with the runes.  


  Depending on the runes inscribed on the inside every Glowball reacts differently. The most common usage is in the war against the beings in, around and down below the Spiral, so the soldiers or Mortal Gods need fire, ice, shockwaves and scourging energy to defeat their foes. But there are different effects as well just as melting the iron bands on the spot and burn a hole in the ground or whatever surface the Glowball lands (even through flesh and bone).  
"You see, we got this nice little box with this...Glowballs. Everyone got three of them and we ventured down half a day on those damned roads until we reached this cavern which looked a bit like a church. They saw us, mouth full of teeth, beautiful women and men and all hungry for flesh. Or just angry we interrupted their incantation or whatever they were doing. I threw this white Glowball. It was like a falling star and as it detonated on the first monster, the sphere shattered, light washed over us and they were...gone. Just vanished without a trace. Not even ash was left behind."
— Mortal God describing his new favourite toy
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Item type
Weapon, Explosive

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