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A large cow like beast with massive horns used as a beast of burden.

Basic Information


The beast has four large powerful legs and a bison like torso. It has a long, muscular neck and huge horns which it rams things with. It has long fur ranging in color from brown to white.

Genetics and Reproduction

They create a nest out of shedded hair and then they lay eggs in it. They nurtur these eggs until they hatch upon which the newborn Grolgro reach maturity in about two weeks.

Growth Rate & Stages

It grows quite quickly, taking only two weeks to reach maturity. During this time it grows fur and horns, it's neck gets longer and its legs get stronger.

Ecology and Habitats

They can live in virtually any environment, preferring temperate ones rather than extreme hots or colds. As a result of the large size they aren't very sneaky so instead they charge at their preying, using their ears to pinpoint is location, when they get to it the creature is brutally stomped or ripped to death with its horns.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat mainly plants but can eat meat and certainly will if they have the need. Their long necks allow them to reach the leaves of trees and their huge horns allow them to kill animals they need to eat.

Biological Cycle

They migrate when it gets cold moving towards the direction where the sun rises until they find somewhere where the temperature is right.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It has to large ears that allow it to hear very well. It's sense of smell is also quite great having an ability to smell 10x stronger than that of a human. However it is virtually blind relying on sound and smell to alert it to danger.
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
The species was very cared for and prized by the people who bred them but one day they all dropped dead seemingly randomly. It is unknown what caused their extinction or if it will happen again


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