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Dùn Èideann (Dun Ey-dan)

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'Welcome to my kingdom, once a great city, now a playground for the dead and damned.'
— A cold voice from the shadows
  Dùn Èideann was once a city of great prosperity and learning, renowned throughout the land for its vast libraries, arcane colleges, and sprawling marketplaces. But after the cataclysm that devastated Mordheim, the city was left in ruins, its once-proud buildings reduced to rubble and its streets empty and desolate.   For centuries, Dùn Èideann lay abandoned, its people long gone, its secrets lost to the ages. But in recent years, dark forces have stirred within its walls, and the city has become a place of danger and terror.   Undead creatures now roam the streets, their hollow eyes fixed on the living, hungering for their flesh and blood. The very air is thick with the stench of decay, and the ground trembles with the rumbling of something ancient and evil stirring beneath the earth.   Despite the dangers, adventurers and treasure seekers from all over the land are drawn to Dùn Èideann, seeking the lost treasures and forbidden knowledge that lie hidden within its ruins. But they are not the only ones who have come to the city. Necromancers, dark wizards, and other twisted beings have also made their homes within the ruins, using their dark powers to control the undead and bend them to their will.  

  And then there is Varaneth, the necromancer who rules over Dùn Èideann with an iron fist. His power is vast, and his wrath is swift and terrible. He commands legions of undead soldiers, who obey his every command without question, and he has vowed to crush any who dare to oppose him.   But despite the darkness that surrounds Dùn Èideann, there are still those who cling to hope and resist Varaneth's rule. Small bands of rebels and adventurers dare to strike back against the necromancer and his minions, hoping to topple his rule and free the city from his grasp.   So, as you step into the ruins of Dùn Èideann, you must be vigilant, for danger lurks around every corner. Whether you seek fortune, knowledge, or the defeat of the necromancer, you must be prepared to fight for your life in this city of the dead.  

The Black Spire

  Located in the heart of the city, is a towering structure made entirely of obsidian. It is said to have been built by an ancient sorcerer who sought to harness the power of the dark energies that permeate the city. Those who enter the Black Spire rarely return, and those who do are forever changed. Some claim that the spire is the source of the city's corruption and that it must be destroyed if Dun Eideann is to be purged of evil. However, others believe that the spire is a source of great power and that it can be harnessed for good if one knows how to do so.  



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