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So, what's my plan for this Kiopenem-world? I'm not quite sure yet. Dissapointing, I know. I just know I don't want a super typical "Middle Earth" old-England middle ages type world where the elves live in the woods, dwarves in mountains, wizards are exclusively old o so wise men, that kind of stuff, you know? I still want the different races to feel familiar though, so I'm working hard on finding a sweet spot between totally reinventing the fantasygenre and sticking to the classic stuff.   I don't have much of a history planned yet. I'm thinking there was a war between someone and someone else (real specific, I know) that got so brutal a third and more threatening party forced them into a peace, but as most things that are forced go, the two sides of the war are starting to strain against this peace, and it's clear the world is in a pretty tense state. That's probably not going to be the main point of my story though, I want to have some characters go on an adventure in this world, and explore what they might encounter along the way.