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We might not produce the most grain like Grenesse, or have a strong lumber industry like Briar Glenn. Even our trade in metals is dwarfed by Norainne. No, what makes us the third most wealthy province is our ability to get things where they need to be. Even before the rails, we always knew who needed what, how to get it there, and the fairest possible price.
— Bartholomew Dueras


Ruled by House Deuras, and their various advisors and bureaucrats.


Vance is known for having a number of mines that extract precious metals. They also have the second most developed rail system in the entirety of the Kingdoms, ranking just behind Hearth in number of connected cities.


Located to the north of Valmere, Vance is the newest providence to be incorporated into the Kingdoms. It’s known for being one of the colder, more desolate settled providences, the territory’s beacons only having had the last hundred years or so to invigorate the land. In spite of this, Vance is swiftly becoming one of the most wealthy provinces in the Kingdoms through their exports of rare ores used in both jewelry and focus creation and several high profile archeological finds. A grand total of six dozen Pre-Sunfade tablets have been unearthed in a ruin near the town of Roan’s Rest, adding over seventy words to the Arcane Lexicon. More famous, however, is a fossil, discovered in the appropriately named village of Serpent’s Fall. Scholars still debate what exactly the remains are, but the creature referred to by most as the “King of Briars”, appears to be a large serpent, with glittering green scales and a multitude of hardened spines across its back and tail. The creature’s remains were initially harvested for its scales, which have a number of applied uses in the creation of jewelry and arcane foci but has since been placed under the protection of the Wright Institute of Natural Science Archeological Society. Vance was also one of the early adopters of rail infrastructure, helping build the D&W Railroad that runs through the provincial capital of Goldhearthe through the Saint's Crossing tunnel directly to @Hearth. This technological edge allowed Vance and House Deuras to become the titians of industry they are today.

Demography and Population

Most Vacians tend towards careers as miners, trappers, and merchants. The providence itself doesn’t produce much in the way of grain, lumber, or manufactured goods and therefore relies heavily on trade with the other provinces. They posses a higher resistance to the Siren’s Song than most, but still need to regularly visit Beacons to mitigate its effects.
Imports: Grain, Produce, Lumber   Exports: Artifacts, Precious Metals, Gemstones
Geopolitical, Province

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