Runestones are a small, semi-magical item used to transfer runes of power from one weapon or piece of armor to another similar weapon or armor.   The process of the transfer usually takes several hours, during which a spellcaster pours fatigue into initially pulling the rune off the first item and then placing it onto the other item. the process is draining, taking an hour and 10 fatigue each way (pulling and placing). During this time, the rune and item cannot be moved. Only one runestone can be applied to an item at a time, multiple runes have been known, in the best cases to mangle the runes being transferred, and in the worst, to explode.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

the edges of the runestone are inscribed with transfer runes that allow the runes that effect weapons and armor to be pulled off one item and placed on another. the magic of the rune alters the size and shape of the rune to make it fit onto the rune without losing its magical capacities. The techniques to the rune to another object pulls some of the transfer runes with it. this causes runestones to only be useful once, but since they cost so little to make, there has been no effort put into extending the life of a runestone.

Manufacturing process

First, the runestone is cut into shape and carved along the edge. Then the runestone is washed to get rid of any dust on the surface that would interfere with the painting process. A mixture of blood and ink, which has been prepared beforehand, is carefully brushed into the shallow transfer runes and allowed to dry. The edges of the runestone are then sanded, to rid them of any spillover from the painting process, and the runestone is washed with clear water.   The entire process takes about an hour.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
Common, readily available wherever magic items are sold.
0.1 lbs
Circle 2 inches in diameter, 1/2 in thick
Base Price
1 Silver Magpie
Raw materials & Components
The biggest part of the runestone is the small piece of slate or wood that makes the runestone's main body. The only other component that is used is a very small amount of blood, which has to be from an intelligent creature. The maker normally uses their own blood as ink.
The main tools used in the construction of runestones is a sharp object (knife, awl, small chisel, etc.), and a fine bristled brush.


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