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Unicorn's Horn

The unicorn’s horn is a fungus that grows primarily in and around the Karnevris Mountains. It’s named for its uncanny resemblance to the horn of a unicorn. It’s also sturdy, seemingly made of some kind of wood or bone-like substance. The plant takes years to grow, and the rampant harvesting following its discovery led to a slow comeback. Farmers have attempted to grow it outside of its natural habitat, but it almost never sprouts unless helped along by magic.   When harvesting the plant, one must be careful of its self-defense mechanisms. Its base is wreathed in poisonous barbs that, if they break the skin, can render someone incapacitated within hours. The tip is the same way, although it’s easier to avoid. The base and tip of the plant must be removed before anything else can be done with it. Poison from the barbs and tip is highly sought after by various militaries, mercenary groups, and members of the criminal underworld.   The roots of the plant are where seedlings grow from. The roots are the most dangerous part of the entire fungus, as they’re where the poison is stored. A bite of the roots can kill an adult in under an hour. However, the poison can be removed by boiling the roots twice, with fresh water each time. They can also be left to dry in the heat for around three days to leech the poison out. After that, the roots are incredibly nutritious and filling.   After the base, roots, and tip are removed, the rest of the plant is ground into a fine powder. The powder, when mixed with other ingredients, can create an effective healing salve that stops infection and numbs pain. Illegally, the powder can also be taken through the nose or mouth as a powerful hallucinogenic drug.   Due to its silhouette, some juvenile individuals have taken to calling it the “devil’s cock.”

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