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Kiannon Weekly Call

During the Esle Plagues, the Council of the Mothership sent out public announcements via the Mothership's Satellite Network that kept the colony focused on fighting the ravages of the plague and taking care of each other. Every day, a public announcement was sent out, reading a selection from classics from Earth.     They would read a chapter or a passage and then they would spent the rest of the time giving an update on the status of the plague, the status of the Motherships Medical teams that were working to find a cure and then they would pray or have a moment of silence, depending on who was giving the announcement.  Throughout the plague, they read sections from all of Earth's great religious texts, some classics on Stoicism and poetry that seemed to be positive.  They also read messages from people from all of the settlements in Coracle.     After the plague was resolved, the Founders Mid-Summer Festival was established to remember the hard times.  The public announcements were then reduced to once a week and they continue to be sent out on the Mothership network to this day.   Now the messages that come in from across Coracle involve questions from children about the Mothership and the history of the Kiannon colony.     Various members of the Council of the Mothership take turns participating in the weekly public announcement and occasionally share anecdotes from their lives.  This venue has given the Founders Sect another way to promote the principles and the beliefs of the Sect as the Founders Prophet and other FS members sit on the Council.     Since the Mothership is the source of the broadcasts, the AGP cannot block them from being sent to all colonists with communication devices.  Rei Benjamin, the 5th Founders Prophet has become fairly popular among some of the citizens of Vieta through this announcement.
Announcement, Invitation


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