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All creation is part of a great energy, everything is worthy of respect and all matter is connected through this unseen electricity,this is the lifeblood of the universe. Great balance between nature and its inhabitants has been the guiding philosophy throughout the kingdoms of KIA. This balance, this harmony is being threaten by the dramatic natural changes in the world. The desire to survive and secure the conservation of its people have increased the tides of tension throughout the kingdoms and dark times are looming with every start of a new day.   Thousands of years ago the species of men ventured to the northern continents of Kia, fleeing the cataclysm that affected the southern lands. They were three species, the Khentid (commonly called Rhodesiensis), the Khuphin (also called Sapiens) and the Nukpal (known as Neanderthalensis and Denisovans). All of the species were fraction-ed into a multitude of tribes which dispersed themselves throughout the continents.   In the western continent a large congregation of Khupin tribes prospered together and eventually they built nine great cities of tremendous beauty. These great cities and the surrounding territories will later be known as the Lancashire Empire. The Nupkal had had two major tribes which together had ruled the other much smaller tribes in their ancestral home continent known to them as the Valley, but in their arrival at the Eastern continent these 2 tribes went their own way, developing into two separate civilizations , the now known seafaring Teris and the snow dwelling Ashroar. Four other major civilizations came about as well which originated from other scared Khupin tribes, These are the Dravia, Beniricio, Mrieste and Mosorithe. These 4 later making a pact to protect each other and maintain a harmonious balance. in the continent Their main subject of concern was the appearance of the Nupkal and Khentid in the Eastern Continent. The Mrieste and Mosorithe were content to leave the other species alone to go their own way, as long as they didn't trespass in Khupin lands. The Dravia and Beniricio were of the opinion that the other species had to be wiped out or driven from Eastern Continent. The Khentid had a very organized tribal structure in place and their queen Beuyope eldest and most Knowlegeable of the Khentid, established their civilization to the south of the Eastern Continent. Three cities arose from this civilization, one was sea-bound Dindor which its folk later went to the southern tip of the Western continent and established other cities there. The other two were more focused on working the soil and hunting.   With the passing of time Men began to prosper and advance their territories. The 4 civilizations of men also had great friendship with the Great Civilization of men in the west. Then 4 civilizations of men agreed to wage war against the Nupkal and Khentid. Unfortunately the army of men suffered from a severe disease due to the cold weather of the north and even with their technological advancements they could not seize control of the northern territories. They were beaten back, one after the other attemp by the Nupkal. The Khentid were the only ones who stood up bravely to the army of men and in the final battle both armies were virtually destroyed. The remaining men withdrew back north to their territories. Ronia, the Khentid King's younger son, proposed a treaty of peace which stipulated that one ruler would oversee a council of the factions where diplomatic relations would establish a rule of law to guide all species. Seeing the heavy loss of lives on all sides and agreement was reached and The Council of Wisdom was created. During the five hundred years that follows what is now known as the War of Tears, 10 different Rulers ruled the council. The latest of these was Gegh Faldur, of Khentid descent. The death of Gegh Faldur left a period of interregnum however the years of the councils existence left a common understanding for all species and their cultures as well as an intertwined, interdependent trading economy. This has prevented further wars and stability in the Eastern Continent.   The current year is 103 of the Second Era. The Current Second Era started after King Baridian Dravia "The Ruthless" fulfilled his conquest of The Lancashire Empire, with the help of the Mosoritheans and the Kingom of Benericio. King Dravia and his Imperial Legion conquered The Lancashire Empire at the Battle of Talliue Bay and installed his Eldest son ,Ardisio Dravia as the governor of the newly conquered territory now renamed Novdravia. This began a reign of terror on the people of the old empire as well as for the free men of the western territories, whom were strong allies of Emperor Danyll Lancashire "The Gentle One". Even though the old empire no longer exists the desire of its people to once again regain their freedom lives deeply in their local culture and folklore. It is widely speculated that the Lancashire bloodline still is alive since up to now the whereabouts of King Danylls offspring, his 3 sons and daughter, is still unknown. One story says that the free men of the western territory have watched over them and continue to do so to this day. However a more official account is that his 3 sons where seen being shipped of to Dravia as prisoners. Records of their voyage can be found in the old ship logs. Many locals choose to dismiss this account as pure fabrication of "The Ruthless" King in order to squash their hope of a potential rebellion.   The Society of the Hidden Crest was established to find the whereabouts of the Lancashire bloodline and to eventually return to the them the Desiolite amulet which would entitle the bearer of it the rightful claim to the throne.