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Greetings, and welcome to Templos' Khorvaire!

An Open World RPG where you and your peers can take turns being DM and PCs.
  This world uses mainly the official D&D rulebooks:
  • Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Player's Handbook
  • Monster Manual
  • Eberron: Rising From The Last War
  In addition, these unofficial expansions are also used:
  • Character Professions 5e, by FuzzyTunaTaco
  • Martial Arts Training, by Clan Crafter Hralding
  • The Commoner, a level 0 character, by Walrock Homebrew
  • Fortresses, Temples & Strongholds, by Walrock Homebrew
  • Traders & Merchants!, by Walrock Homebrew
  • The Armorer's Handbook, by Heavyarms
  All this so that you can, in addition to the normal roleplay and combat of D&D, start from scratch before your hero becomes a hero, gather resources and create new things to help you progress in the world, build castles, temples, taverns and gain revenue, create a throng of different merchants with different wares swiftly, improve weapons without making them magical and utilize all of the original D&D weapons in a bunch of new ways to add some more flavour to your game.

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