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Hail-Athena, the Enchanted Dessert of Healing

Nestled within the bustling towns near the Whispering Beach, a magical desert known as Hail-Athena has become a sought-after remedy for ailments and a delightful treat for those seeking both refreshment and magical rejuvenation.   Crafted in honor of Athena, the first child of Light to awaken, Hail-Athena is a unique gelatinous confection with extraordinary properties. Known for its potent healing abilities, this mystical dessert possesses the power to cure a variety of ailments when consumed. It stands as a testament to Athena's profound knowledge of magic, which played a pivotal role in settling the first kingdom of men.   One key aspect that sets Hail-Athena apart is its requirement to be consumed cold for its enchantments to take effect. The gelatin must be savored in its chilled state, enhancing both its flavor and its magical properties. The cool sensation on the tongue marks the beginning of its transformative journey within the consumer.   As the gelatinous substance melts in the mouth, a soothing cascade of healing magic is unleashed, targeting afflictions and ailments with remarkable efficacy. Whether it be minor injuries, fatigue, or more complex maladies, Hail-Athena's enchantments work harmoniously with the body's natural energies, facilitating a speedy recovery.   The Whispering Beach, renowned for its mystical ambiance, is the primary locale where this magical dessert is found. Vendors and artisans meticulously prepare and sell Hail-Athena to locals and travelers alike, ensuring that its magical benefits are widely accessible. The dessert has become a symbol of both culinary delight and the enduring legacy of Athena, the luminary figure who brought the gift of magic to the realm.   Savoring Hail-Athena is not just a culinary experience; it's a journey into the magical tapestry woven by the first child of Light. Each spoonful serves as a reminder of Athena's benevolent influence and the enduring magic that resides within the heart of the Whispering Beach and its enchanting creations.       Hail-Athena Wondrous Item (Consumable), Rare   This enchanted gelatinous dessert, a tribute to Athena, bestows potent benefits when consumed cold:   Properties:   Healing Touch: Removes all conditions and heals 2d6 + Constitution modifier hit points. Elemental Fortification: Grants resistance to fire damage. Heat Resistance: Provides advantage on saving throws against exhaustion due to heat. Duration: 1 hour. Must be consumed cold. Warming renders it inert, diminishing its magical properties and taste.   Usage: One portion suffices; multiple portions within 24 hours yield no extra benefit.   Crafting: Requires proficiency in Cook's Utensils, rare herbs, crystallized water from the Whispering Beach, and a touch of divine magic.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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