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Ussed is an immortal brown bear spirit that features in wood elf folk tales. Usseded, one of the Communes of Qosid, is built around a temple in which Ussed is actively worshiped. A symbol of ferocity, Ussed exerts justice in Qosidian folklore, hunting down and killing the dishonorable. While it is possible to defeat Ussed in battle, the bear cannot be slain and will never give up his hunts.   In wood elf rituals known as Ussedis Zake (Law of Ussed), justice is dispensed by sacrificing a bear to call upon the spirit of Ussed. Ussed is then tasked to decide whether a defendant is guilty or not. If found guilty, Ussed will hunt down and kill the defendant. Due to this judicial role, the association of the bear with valor and might, and perhaps their similar names, syncretism has led to Ussed being seen as a direct servant of the war god Ush. Within Qosid, Ushean temples are therefore often adorned with bear motifs and prayers are often directed to the spirit.
Divine Classification

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