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Dorgoth (The Wise One, The Source, The Knowing Father, The All-Knowing, He Who Seeks, The Architect) is the god of knowledge, technology and science. While worshipped througout the Northern Arm, he is especially revered within the Labarean Empire and for many he is most strongly associated with the gnomes.  

Centers of Worship

Most libraries contain at least a shrine to Dorgoth, but there are several sites that specifically attract worshipers of The Knowing Father.  
  • The Library of the All-Knowing in Hervik is the largest library of the Northern Arm and contains a temple to Dorgoth
  • The Sage Island monastery was the location of the Order of the Source and is home to a sacred Dorgothian fountain, as well as several unique tomes.
  • The Uktaria[Statue of the Seeker is a monument to Dorgoth used by various tribes for rites of passage.
  • Within The Porcupine, a hall dedicated to Dorgoth contains the history of the dwarves, in the form of murals, myths, family histories and blacksmithing techniques.

In wood elf culture

Among wood elves, Dorgoth symbolizes the purpose of cosmos more than a call to knowledge. The Dorgothian rituals in their society are mystical and are used for divination purposes or to reflect on great historical events, weaving together past, present and future.   Wood elves are wary of those who seek to displace the unknowable through reasoning and exploration; instead they choose to celebrate it.  

Notable Cults

The Order of the Source was a group of monks, wizards and sages who sought divine inspiration to gain a deeper understanding of the universe.   The Architects are Dorgothians who seek to use knowledge, both technical and historical, to improve lives and maintain peace.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, technology
Divine Classification

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