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Vaen Body Language

While the vaen primarily rely on spoken words to communicate, they also make use of their ears and tail to convey how they feel. They believe that if a person's words say one thing and their ears say another, the ears are the truth.   By default, a vaen's ears are upright and face forward. Tails are typically held straight behind them, curled upward slightly so their tail hair doesn't drag on the ground.   Tired: The ears are upright and facing forward, but dropping to the sides. Tails are less curled and often dragging along the ground.   Irritated: The ears swivel backwards and sometimes flattened to the tops of their heads. This largely depends on how irritated a vaen is. Quite often they swish their tails from side to side. Beware a vaen whose ears are all the way back and their tail is twitching and not swishing. While still indicating irritation, this borders on angry and they may lash out.   Curiosity: While remaining upright, the ears swivel so that they are facing to the side. They may also do this if they are trying to locate the source of a sound. There is no specific tail posture for this emotion.   Sorrow: In this state, a vaen's ears droop down the side of their head, losing all of their usual stiffness. When sad, vaen often curl their tails around one leg.   Alarm: To those unfamiliar with vaen body language, alarm looks a lot like their default posture. Alarmed or frightened vaen have ears that are upright and leaning forward rather than straight up. Tails curl up higher. This is believed to be left over from their less evolved ancestors who were often preyed upon by carnivores. Tails curl up as a precursor to running.   Confusion:¬†Ears that are drooped down to the side but not flat against the head in sorrow is a sign of confusion. If one or both ears are angled forwards, they are thinking or trying to understand. Both ears swiveled down is complete confusion, especially when paired with a tightly curled tail.


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Aug 12, 2023 22:56 by Michael Johnson

I like the spelled out list of emotions with associated ear and tail positioning, along with reasoning for the positions. It's a nice way of doing this sort of thing. The one critique I have is some inconsistent grammar. There's not much; specifically Irritated stood out to me with a mix of present and past tense in the ear description. Other than that, good job!

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