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Kevarya Universe

30 Harvest Moon, Year 92 F. N. E.

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A harsh, wintry kingdom where tradition clashes with the relentless force of social change under the rule of the nation's first female monarch. An aristocracy built on the principles of rationalism and secular thought, conservative and ruthless after centuries of political intrigue and social utilitarianism. A mercantile power whose lands contain both the most fertile soil and the most unforgiving desert, with a population even more diverse than its terrain. An ancient imperial state ruled by a long line of empresses, each of whom takes many of her nobles as consorts and serves as arbiter among them. Three islands shrouded in mystery, against whom no invasion has ever succeeded, whose elite class of mages handle all affairs of state. And a former colony reclaimed by the native people in an unprecedented revolution, now isolationist and hostile to those who invaded and oppressed them.

Welcome to Kevarya and the five nations that surround it. Here, magic has a mind of its own and works as an agent of freedom, rebellion, and social upheaval, often leaving chaos in its wake.