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The Age of Strife

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The D&D multiverse has seen thousands of stories after its decades of publishing: The weathered world of Greyhawk, the wartorn lands of Dragonlance, the advanced world of Eberron, and even the recent events of Toril's chaos the Forgotten Realm landscape. All these worlds with similar species yet such unique stories that have been written into their history. However, a new realm has emerged to tell it's own story: The realm of Kesia.

Born from the creation of 4 primal gods, Kesia hosts a large number of species, each with their own story, tied to one origin and spreading across the land to affect history itself. They co-exist on one known major continent, living amongst, and warring against each other over the course of 4 ages: The Age of Binding, the Age of Dynasty, the Age of Conquest, and the Age of Strife. Each has their own tale and their own heroes but the one Kesia struggles to get through is the Age of Strife.

It is in the waning years of the Age of Strife, countless centuries of bloodshed between the kingdoms of Kesia have occurred. However, things changed when the Spellplague and the First Lich came. Now an order of mages across the realm has formed to protect mages from those who would threaten them and everyone from magical threats that could destroy the realm. As they face off against the Organization of Free Mages, and a newly revived Lich: one question lies on everyone's mind: Will the next age be one of peace? Or will Kesia devolve further into an age of shadows?