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Kenpeitai Shadows Behind the Throne


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Set in the 1930s era Japanese inspired nation of Sosuko, "Kenpeitai: Shadows Behind the Throne", covers the activities of the Kenpeitai, a secret police organization under the command of the imperial army. The players will operate as agents of a special division of the KPT called Directorate 21, which handle the most dangerous and high stakes threats that face the nation, including terrorism, spies, the yakuza, supernatural creatures, and more. Caught between justice and tradition, and a world of political intrigue, the players must navigate the moral quandries of working for an increasingly fascistic government in service of defending their homeland.   Kenpeitai: Shadows Behind the Throne uses Dungeons & Dragons 5e as its base, and resources are provided for new japanese mythological races, modern military weaponry, monster statblocks, and other unique mechanics. This campaign is considered low magic, and most inhabitants of the world have little to no interaction with non-human races, magic, and the supernatural. Any players choosing magic based classes, or non-human races will be notable and rare within this world. Furthermore normal D&D races, weapons, etc. are either removed or reskinned for the sake of providing a unique and immersive cultural experience. Homebrew and reskinning is encouraged to fill any relevant races, monsters, weapons, subclasses, etc. not listed here.

Kenpeitai has 6 Kenpei