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The Rooters

The primary religion of the Bumers.

Only The Sequoia Stump remembers the time before the Beings abandoned their children to walk alone among the world. It whispers its secrets deep in its roots, deep in the soil, in words only the Bumers understand


The Rooters are made up of Bumers who spend nearly all of their time attempting to communicate with the Sequoia. These can be Bumers from any grove, and any age. A Bumer just has to approach the Rooters and ask to join. Hierarchy is defined by who has been communicating with the Stump the longest. A new recruit is partnered with a Rooter who has been there for at least ten years.

Public Agenda

The Rooters intention is to share the Wisdom of the Sequoia with their groves, and even other species. Rooters are the most charismatic to other species, in fact.


Every new Rooter is personally mentored by a Rooter who has listened to the Sequoia for at least five years. They are taught how to listen and speak to the Sequoia, and also taught the previous wisdom acquired. Mentorship ends only when the mentor passes away.

Mythology & Lore

The Bumers believe in the Wisdom of the Great Sequoia Stump, a massive tree stump nearly a mile across that is the last remnant of the Age of Beings, a time when trees grew as wide as mountains and touched the stars. It's roots are spread deep and wide across Kelunbar forest and if you can reach them, it speaks stories of this age past. Abuno, Being of Life and the birther of the Bumers, prevented the Sequoia from dying as their last act before abandoning Kelunbar.

Divine Origins

The Rooters was founded in 1004 by Tebinstot, a member of the Rowan Grove, in an attempt to stop the younger Bumers from abandoning the Stump completely. She was the first to invite Bumers from all groves into one space. She initially tried to invite other species into becoming Rooters, but found they did not have the ability to communicate with the Sequoia. From there Tebinstot chose to instead be proactive about sharing the Sequoia's wisdom with all other creatures in Kelunbar.

Tenets of Faith

Wisdom and knowledge are not something to be withheld, but shared with all peoples. All parts of the forest work together for the greater good of the world. Nothing is out of place. One day the Beings will return to the work that they started in Kelunbar, led by Abuno. The Sequoia is the only source of perfect wisdom and knowledge.


The Rooters hold ceremonies at the turn of each season where all Bumers are invited to encircle the Stump and communicate with it. These are the only times of year that the Rooters are allowed to climb and stand on top of the Stump, from which the oldest members direct all other Bumers in meditation.   Rooters spend time in meditation with the Stump at dawn and at dusk, and on the full moon they are permitted to ask questions of the Stump.   A Rooter that is far away from the Stump may communicate with the Sequoia if it can find a protruding root or dig it's own roots deep enough into the soil to find it.

Granted Divine Powers

All Bumers' ability to communicate with the Sequoia is a blessing from Abuno. Rooters, those who have the desire to devote themselves to the Sequoia are granted the privilege of communicating with it at any time, anywhere they can find an access to its roots.
Founding Date
Religious, Coven
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