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The Caves of Silt

While the True Ones work to fight against injustices created by the the Tudines, they've also created a safe haven for their leaders and supposed siren criminals. The Caves of Silt are a hidden place on the south east edge of Lake Paho. Carefully hidden, only the True Ones know where to find them.  


Rather than risk an existing location that others possibly knew about, Dosho set to work on creating a place that was siren-created but naturally hidden. With the help of other sirens, Dosho carved an entrance into the side of a large rock that bordered Lake Paho. At a glance, it merely looks like a natural fissure that leads nowhere. Upon entry, it leads to an air pocket that most siren would be uninterested in trying to travel past. On the other side of this air pocket is a natural water filled cave network that can only be access from above ground, or Dosho's entrance. The cave network is a bit maze-like, and the first three dead ends contain nothing of interest, but go deeper and you will find the headquarters and going-ons of the True Ones.   The entrance has been discovered a few times, though a siren has yet to travel deep enough to truly stumble upon the Caves of Silt.   The Caves of Silt are named such because of the copious amount of fine dirt that can be found on the ground in them, washed in from the banks of Lake Paho and worn off of the rocks that make up the walls of the caves.   Due to lack of airflow and light, not much lives or grows naturally in these caves besides algae. In the darkest parts, glow lichen grows readily, making the space feel a bit less desolate.  

A Haven

Many sirens unfairly accused of crime, fairly accused of a needful crime, or unable to find a home for themselves find their way to the True Ones and so to the caves of silt. Many people live here, safe from the Tudines and those that disliked them. Some merely desire refuge. Others desire revolution. There is some expectation of participation from all sirens that reside in the caves, and those unwilling to at least scrub algae off the walls or tend to the fish farm are dismissed.   The caves themselves are not particularly pleasurable to live in. Many sirens find them dark and frustrating, and for many members it's not safe for them to leave the caves frequently. Cave residents combat this by bringing in dark-tolerant plants, taking care of pet fish, snails, or turtles, and spending time in the scattered spaces of sunshine. Over the ten years that the True Ones have resided here, they've created their own songs and stories as well.
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A Headquarter

Many sirens come and go, spying, bringing supplies, and participating in meetings and plans led by Dosho, the leader of the True Ones.   Dosho themself does not reside in the caves, preferring to keep up face in Lulathesl so they have first-hand experience about what is happening to the average siren. The general operation of cave residents when Dosho is gone is left up to Keter-Triso, a bumer siren.  


The cave network does lead to a few open spaces exposed to sunlight, and here resident sirens cultivate fish and edible lake plants which are used to prevent too many suspicious supplies from having to be brought to the caves.

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Cover image: by Alev Takil


Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.

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24 Jul, 2020 14:03

Glow lichen! <3   I love all the little details you have in here, such as the things sirens do to try to make the caves more palatable to live in.   I really like the detail of the entrance too.

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Thank you! I'm happy to hear that. I was worried that it would be hard to imagine.