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The Tome of Arcana Vol 1

Written by Loremaster Aemon

A Magical Leatherbound Book   The Tome of Arcana Vol 1 is a magical book and a minor artifact. The book is bound in blue dyed leather with a double leather clasp with fittings and buckles made from electrum and is 14 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 4 inches in depth. Upon the cover are many symbols of arcane nature and the sigil of the wizard who created the book, who is unknown. Within the book are one hundred and sixty pages (160) of written words and symbols all in the arcane language of wizards and other spell users, and all pages have gold-leaf edging. Magical inks have been used during the process and many shimmer and glow, in many colours throughout the book.   When this book is found, the finder becomes the owner and they must attune to be able to unclasp the buckles otherwise they will be subject to a spell attack causing 60 (10D10) Hit Points of Force Damage (60hp) on a Failed DC18 Intelligence Saving Throw, on a success it causes no damage and can be unbuckled. it takes five hours to Attune to the book. The book takes eighty (80) hours to read from page one to the end, and must be completed within ten days (8 hours of reading per day), as each page is read all the words disappear so the reader cannot read again.   At the end of day ten the book will close and disappear, to be found once again by another adventurer somewhere else in the world. The person who reads the entire book has their Intelligence increase by +1 permanently (The reader can go beyond 20 intelligence).   There are four other volumes to this set Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, and Vol 5.       *** Unfinished ***
Item type
Book / Document
An Enchanted Tome  


Minor Artifact  

Material Outer

Leather (Cover) Electrum Buckles and Fittings  

Material Inner

Paper (Pages) Gold Leaf edged paper Enchanted Inks  


Attunement   Above 10th Level in the Classes below:  
  • Artificer,
  • Bard,
  • Cleric,
  • Druid,
  • Sorcerer,
  • Warlock, or
  • Wizard


Small, 14" by 10", by 4"  


Light, 3lbs  

Cost/Base Price



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