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In the beginning the proud Elves of Kraztenzia formed the Enyiserine Empire. They quickly enslaved the other races to do their bidding. After thousands of years, humans and other races have rebelled and thrown off the chains of their masters, the elves. It is now 60 years after the last rebellion. New kingdoms are forming, lost ones are being rediscovered, as well as new lands being discovered to the Northwest. There are other dark secrets to this world such as the Blood Plains deep within the world where the infernal wars between Demons and Devils still takes place fueling the core of the world.   As the Enyiserine Empire slowly fades away other Empires and Kingdoms grow in power. The Dragovar Empire consists of legions of Dragonborn led into battle by their Dragon Lords against the Kingdoms of Holdheimia, Moldavia, and Uqain. A Beholder reigns terror upon his newly gained kingdom of Movenail through assasinations. Mindflayers are plotting and spreading rapidly in the Kingdoms to the South, namely Kirthing.   New lands are being claimed far to the Northwest, but it appears someone or something has been here before.   Something or someone is driving hoards of monsters against the goodly races.