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The Swashbucklin' Sea Sepent

The best tavern on the high seas of Kathrir!

"Welcome aboard the Swashbucklin' Sea Serpent! Glad to see you."
-Captain Jackie Sullrian


The Swashbucklin' Sea Serpent is the hub of food, drink, and adventure on the high seas. Not only a tavern or a pirate ship, it has a trademark service: a week-long treasure cruise along the coast. Once the treasure hunt is complete, the ship returns and drops off its passengers before setting off for another town or city.
Also, if your shiny stuff vanishes throughout the journey, don't be alarmed! Wishbone will return your booty by Saturday morning.


Entry fee: 50 gp
The cruise starts in the morning at the beginning of the week, and sets off before noon. The passengers are shown around the ship, given a room card to let them know which room is theirs, and then given two hours to settle in. Then lunch is handed out at noon, and the first clue revealed. From there, the guests have to figure out clues to piece together a map leading to the treasure. New clues are given out each meal (Breakfast at 7:00, Lunch at 12:00, and then dinner at 6:00) and each solved clue gives them a piece of the map. It is not a race- You will need everyone to solve the riddles and puzzled the crew leaves you.
The crew will cheer you on and help with some of the puzzles, but its mostly up to you. Have fun!



The captain of the ship. A proud and brave leader.


Jackie's first mate and the most level-headed of the crew. The main chef.


The captain's brother, master of navigation and the mastermind behind the puzzles of the treasure hunt.


The bartender of the ship, and the most knowledgeable about ancient legends.


The gardener of the group, a kind soul with a passion for plants.


The resident ghostly cat, a collector of shiny things. Loves pets.




Grilled fish with a side of salted potatoes. What kind of fish? Whatever's been caught. 4 sp 5 cp
Creamy spaghetti with oysters and various shrooms. Watch out for pearls! They aren't as tasty. 7 sp
Baked beans with up to five fluffy biscuits. Order this one along with some wine, trust me. 3 sp
Circular perogies, served with caramelized onions. Tasty treat or treasure? Both! 5 sp 6 cp
A classic cheesy dish with elbow-shaped pasta. If you brought kids, this is a good dish for the little gremlins. 4 sp 3 cp
Various leafy greens and veggies tossed in a secret dressing. Croutons are recommended. 9 cp


Creamy, fresh milk. 5 cp
Sweet and chocolatey milk. 5 cp
Sweet and tangy. Scurvy's enemy! 5 cp
Bitterish beans roasted into a drink. Milk can be added. 6 cp
Various fruit juices turned into a delicious drink. 5 cp
A sample of sea, minus the salt. 3 cp


A classic drink. Don't drink too much! 7 cp
Ask for this and select your drink from the various ingredients. 8 cp
A thick, cold, and fruity cup of bliss. 9 cp
Smooth, sweet, with notes of honey. 9 cp
Hard apple cider with caramel notes. 9 cp
Tequila blended with various tropical fruit. 8 cp


Chocolate chip cookie coins. Sadly, they don't make the clinking noise. 2 sp
Small pies stuffed with fruit, such as apple or plum. Very tasty, don't waste them! 3 sp
Gold-wrapped chocolate goodness! You might want to get a lot as a souvenir. 3 sp.
Scoops of Ice Cream on a fresh banana. There is a variety of toppings to choose from. 5 sp
Small chocolate balls with fudge centers. Kind of expensive to get, but worth it! 5 sp
A menagerie of fruits in a bowl. Can be ordered with some candied strawberries as a side. 3 sp.

Purpose / Function

The ship was built for use as not only a tavern, but also the setting for elaborate, week-long, interactive treasure cruises.


The ship has been repaired and adjusted too many times to count, some alterations adding stuff such as adding portholes to the lower decks so guests can see the creatures swimming alongside the boat, adding a greenhouse-like area atop the cabin to grow some food on the go, and changing the pennant to a different pattern than the classic pirate flag due to many cities mistaking them for pirates of ill will rather than friendly actors who just want to have fun.


The ship's hull, deck, and cabin is built from massive beams of red oak and cedar wood, with golden railings along the sides to stop people from falling off. On top of the cabin, there is a small greenhouse that was built to grow plants between stops. There are two masts, each with three large, canvas sails that at a closer look shimmer slightly due to them being enchanted to only catch the wind that the crew needs.
The boat itself is massive, larger than most pirate ships due to needing rooms for people to stay in for the cruises. The rooms were built in the lower decks, each room with a window or two for their residents to see the creatures swimming with the ship. The upper two decks double as both dining areas and a place to hang out. The ship's cabin acts as a bar, with a ladder up to the greenhouse.


The ship has cannons on the sides, and all of the crew knows basic spells and swordsmanship. These defensive features have never been used, but they are there and ready in case of an attack.  The ship also has been enchanted to calm rough waters when it is nearby, preventing it from rocking too much, getting bounced around by waves, and also can stop leaks. (It still will need fixing once they reach the nearest town)


The ship was built about 12 years ago, but over the years a strange phenomenon has occurred often. Once, only three years into sailing on the seas, the ship was almost attacked by a strange, ghostly ship, but a strange glow enveloped the Sea Serpent and they backed off. No-one knew why, and even the captain admitted that she thought it was a hallucination, but the ship came back the next night and sailed in the same direction as the crew for the three days it took for them to reach the next harbor to set up shop. The second the harbor was in sight, the ghost ship turned back and sailed into the morning fog. Some believe that the crew caught the eye of an archfae or a deity, but no-one knows for sure.  The ghost ship has shown up again and again, but only between cities and towns when it's nothing but open sea for miles. It seems to get closer and closer to the Sea Serpent each time, almost to the point that they sail right beside one another until land is in sight.


The Swashbucklin' Sea Serpent has lots of guests each time they stop at a town, some coming to check out their food and drink, and some to participate in the unique Booze Cruise treasure hunt where you board the boat and go on a week-long adventure. (kind of like your average scavenger hunt but more puzzling and on a boat and there is a big ol' pile of gold at the end)
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
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Mar 22, 2022 16:32 by Ranger Marcy

I love this idea. A floating tavern is such a cool idea particularly if it's a floating pirate tavern! I love the crew you've created each member has a great baseline to expand on, (and I really hope you expand on them because I'm curious about them all (I even took a quick detour to go read about Captain Sullrian). On top of that, a little ghost cat that steals shiny things is so adorable and I love that idea more than I can express. Finally, I think I have to congratulate you on creating a whole menu for your tavern. It's no small feat no matter how simple (and yours is rather complex) and you'll be hard-pressed to find me doing it any time soon. Finally, your history section is very intriguing. I have a number of theories as to what's happening that I've imagined in just in the few minutes I've been typing this comment. Anyway overall you did an amazing job and I really hope you expand on everything you mentioned because I have a lot of questions that I now really want answers to. Good luck btw I hope that Kathrir becomes very popular. :)

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Mar 24, 2022 00:42 by Ranger Marcy

your new cover art is also really very very good. I certainly can't draw like that, let alone paint!

The fire of creativity burns in everyone, especially you!
Mar 28, 2022 15:43 by Autumn Riverwood

Aaaaaa thanks so much! I'm going to be making separate character profiles for the rest of the crew like I did with Captain Sullrian once I have the time (Plus art for all of them that I am very excited to draw :D). The menu was very fun to make. (Plus it let me explore the editing UI with the tables and stuff) And don't worry, this isn't the last appearance of the ghost ship :D   Yet again, Thank you so much :)

Mar 24, 2022 06:54

The idea of this tavern is great! I love the beautiful cover art and the menu with its sidenotes. Also, I really liked the fact that the treasure hunt is not a competition. Good job with the article!

Mar 28, 2022 15:49 by Autumn Riverwood

Thank you so much! The art was really fun to draw and making the menu was an adventure in itself. As for the treasure hunt, I though a more cooperative and less competitive event would be fun :)   Again, Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :)

Mar 30, 2022 15:45 by George Sanders

It's a sea faring food truck, with a garden and cat! Fun idea. Your layout is clean and easy to read too.

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Mar 31, 2022 17:17 by Autumn Riverwood

Oh my goodness that is the best description of this tavern I have seen in my life- thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :)