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Original artwork by Brent Hollowell
"They are truly a pitiful race. To have risen to the apex of dominance and control, only to fall to one's own hubris. It is good now that we humans take what was once theirs in this galaxy. We have already fallen once, and we will not make the same mistakes again". - Scholar Visicar

Basic Information


A race of reptilian humanoid aliens who have 8 extremely long and powerful limbs as well as ridges on their heads. They grow at an alarming rate and become sexually mature only one year after birth. They possess both male and female sexual organs and are only able to procreate with one of their own parents.

Genetics and Reproduction

Vosthren reproduce sexually, with the younger or weaker mate carrying the child. Gestation would take roughly eight years, during which the parent would hibernate.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Vosthren would always obey those among them with the most children. They respected those who were deemed biologically fit and would spread their genes on to the most offspring.

Average Intelligence

Ancient Vosthren: as intelligent as the brightest human Modern Vosthren: roughly that of an ancient dog

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Vosthren would adopt the last name of their older parent as their first name and take the last name of their younger parent as their last name.

Major Organizations

Vosthren Empire ("Buhlolumo" in G'thathi)

Average Technological Level

The last remnants of the Vosthren Empire contain bits of technology which seem like magic to the rest of the galaxy. Mass teleportation, instantaneous messaging across the galaxy, advanced cloning techniques, and much more lay in the hands of the last true Vosthren. Unfortunately, even they have forgotten how to create and repair what little they have left of their culture.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

G'thathi, a sign language which primarily involved the usage of at least four limbs to communicate.


Possibly the oldest alien race remaining in the galaxy, the Vosthren were once highly intelligent creatures which had a project of seeding different planets with organisms in order to observe their evolution and to play god. It is possible that an alien species which the Vosthren are derived from, or possibly the Vosthren themselves, are the originators of many of the most potent races in the galaxy. Now, however, they are but a twisted reflection of their old forms. After creating the Optima, a purely mechanical race, they were overthrown and forced to serve their creations.   The Optima had turned on the Vosthren when they chose to attack the mega-creature known as Priwoen, which the Optima had developed an interest in. The Vosthren have been mentally subjugated and have been forcibly mutated into brutish creatures that perform labor for their rulers. Whatever knowledge they once held about the origins of the universe and the races that inhabit it has been lost, much to the irritation of the Optima.   Now spread across Optima space, Vosthren can be seen anywhere dumb labor is needed. The machines seem to enjoy delegating difficult or impossible tasks to the brutes. Perhaps it is out of revenge for being robotic slaves, or perhaps it is simply in an attempt to experience the same joy the Vosthren had when they did the same cruel acts to the Optima.
Genetic Descendants
400 years
Average Height
3 meters
Average Weight
5,000 kg
Average Length
8 meters

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