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Fonbrent Starsight

The Mage Prince Fonbrent Phoenix Starsight (a.k.a. Asher)

Fire is the most feared sight on the Golden Plains of Silvaria, not because of the inherent dangers of fire but because of the reputation that precedes a man known simply as "Asher" to those who have only heard of him in stories and warnings, although those attacked by him soon find out he prefers the name "The Mage Prince". Fonbrent Starsight is a young and renowned mage of The City of Lights. Now he is a feared highway lord of Silvaria, besetting caravans travelling the unkempt roads of the the plains and robbing and kidnapping them. He is feared throughout Silvaria however little is known about him as he makes a point to keep his very existence, let alone any finer details, a secret. To this day he has a heavy bounty on his head in The City of Lights however few are looking for him besides the mages of The City of Lights as those outside the city seldom put the name of Fonbrent Starsight to the mysterious highwayman know as "Asher".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into the wealthy and recognized Starsight family of The City of Lights Fonbrent was pampered with a generally wealthy lifestyle with much of the money spent on him going into tutors, tomes, and magic items. From an early age he was recognized as a prodigy. He mastered the Produce Flame spell at only 5 years old, inspiring his parents to give him the middle name of "Phoenix". From that point on Fonbrent had a certain affinity for fire, and surprising control for in all his studies and experimenting with magic he never once accidentally started a fire, to the relief of those surrounding him. This fine control led many to speculate that he was born with sorcerous powers however not only has no one ever found much evidence to support this but his parents vehemently denied any such accusation. By the time he was 13 years old Fonbrent began to express some lack of direction, saying that he could not find purpose for his magic which left him wondering why he had worked so hard to master it. With little encouragement or guidance for their son his parents insisted that he go to any one of the prestigious mages schools of The City of Lights at the incredibly early age of 14. Although Fonbrent never verbally expressed disconent with this idea he ran away from his family home the night before he was supposed to leave to the school of his choosing, leaving much of the house as cindering timbers, although his parents were not killed they were still left dazed and grasping for a reason as to why this happened. Fonbrent ran off into the wilds of Silvaria. In order to survive he robbed lone wagons and travelers on the roads of Silvaria, all of them being helpless to resist as his magic would torch anyone who tried to fight back. After a while he ran into one wagon whose passengers proved to be stubborn and unwilling to give up their food he threatened to kill them all and as the flames in his hands grew they pleaded with him and told him that they would join and help him rob others would he only spare them their lives. Although confused at first like a candles wick igniting the ideas began to flash into his head, he had found the purpose of his learning, he would would take all that he needed through magic, including people to take what he didn't require. To this day he prowls the plains of Silvaria, trapping traders and travellers in walls of fire, his bulky front men then offer the travelers two choices, either die defending what you have, or give it all up and join the "Ashers".
White with hints of grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light tan


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