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Wai Province, ruled by the Emperor himself from Dakazu Palace by edict, includes all lands east from Ha'chou in Quai Hills and west of the Akensai River. This is the worst province for corruption and ineffective government. The royal bureaucracy is in knots and many of the lower administrators are dullards and thugs, adding to the confusion. Forgery is rampant and the imperial seal is referred to as "little-money" in the dialect of Wai.


This collection of eight districts are under the control of both the Wai and Maki family. West Wai has four districts, including the provincial capital Wai where the Emperor rules from Dakarazu Palace. These districts are held by members of the Wai family, either direct or by marriage. East Wai is under the control of the Maki family, led by Maki Wantu Ohn and his four sons.


The capital city Wai is a great wonder; the city of Eleven Gates and Nine Great Walls is a series of fortresses and suburbs stretching from the Old City, all the way to the Dakarazu Palace Compound in the north. It encloses two very large parks, the Nwekasu Walk and the Do Chi Botanical Gardens. The clan mansions and Dakarazu Palace are the most splendid buildings in all T'u! Their towers and domes sparkle with gold leaf and silver, and green copper dragons adorn every rooftop. Elaborate trolleys and elevators, an invention of T'u mages, link the city.   The more important, if less impressive, asset is the canals and winding Fenghsintzu River of the "King's Waters" which offer plentiful wetland for farming. These districts produce most of the rice that supports the empire.   Additionally, there are several fortresses, garrisons, and the imperial navy of 52 warships in H'sin To.
Alternative Names
formerly Chia Wan Ch'uan
Parent Organization

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