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In the flood plain between a fork in the Hungste River, a stilted town of blue is nestled. The people, including many river spirit-folk, have taken to painting and decorating their wooden homes to reflect the river's beauty. Sentai sits on the meeting point of 3 provinces; Chu' Yuan, Hai Yuan, and Wang Kuo. The town is an old trade way and it's citizens are known to be friendly, though loyal to other locals.


Only 65% human, with river spirit-folk covering 40%, the remining 5% is a mix of Hengeyokai and other "beast races".


Most people are ferrymen or traders, there are also some fishers and farmers. Sentai also supports a few welcoming inns and restaurants.


The town buildings are constructed atop wooden platforms, with walkways linking the town together. Several waterwheels have been constructed to mill rice. There are also 2 large docks on opposite sides of Sentai, one in each fork of the Hungste.

Guilds and Factions

  • Boatman and River Navigator's Guild Hall
  • Shrine to the River Spirit
  • The Serpents of Shadow


Sentai is all wooden buildings on stilted platforms, painted in shades of blue with serpents and fish sculptures adorning the roofs. There are lanterns and chimes made of shells decorating the town.

Natural Resources

rice from the flood plains paddies and fish from the river.

Large town
Owning Organization
Chu' Yuan

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