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Chu' Yuan

Chu’ Yuan is dense and endless jungle of bamboo, thick underbrush, and poisonous creatures. The heat is oppressive, the air muggy and thick. There are standing pools of water everywhere, filled with mosquitos and leeches. The people of Chu’ Yuan are hunters and woodsmen, as farming is nearly impossible.   The Chu are a suspicious, insular lot, as befits a people who have had generations of warring Shou and T’u trampling their homes underfoot. Small, thin, fond of wearing light clothing and hats, they are the masters of the jungle ambush. They are the only Shou other than the mandarins to commonly wear mustaches. They are also known Empire wide for their food – which features parrot, monkey, snake and other unusual game – all of it served with throat-searing, eye-watering hot sauces.


The governor oversees the province and the magistrates working under them.


The Chu are said to have amassed great fortunes among their clans from selling rare woods, animals and herbs which can only be found in their jungles


The bamboo plains have traditionally been a place of mystery and danger, shunned by most Shou, who only go there to cut the rich timber or trap rare animals. Until the great battles of Shin Lu and Shin Ginsen in 2315, Chu’ Yuan was of no military importance to the Empire – now, as a major border with T’u Lung, it supports several garrisons of troops, although these seldom venture far from their secure bases.

Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Bamboo Plains
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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