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Golden Shoot

In Hai Yuan forest in a yellow bamboo grove, domes woven into the bamboo create a beautiful golden village. The patch of yellow bamboo covers 15 miles and the spirit-folk claim the whole region of groves as Golden Shoot.   The bamboo spirit-folk are largely considered neutral good and follow a druidic tradition of communing with the fey. Those trained as druids are considered wise and blessed by the fey.


Entirely bamboo spirit-folk born from this patch of bamboo.


The druids make up the Golden Shoot Conclave. The most powerful and eldest druid from each of the 5 groves holds the title of Elder Druid, with the High Druid being chosen as the wisest druid out of all groves. The Conclave Council rule democratically with the High Druid having the final say.


Golden Shoot is naturally camouflaged as it is made entirely of live bamboo in a bamboo forest. The town has watch towers woven up into the canopy and the druids have abilities which allow them to magically hide the town or instantly grow walls.

Industry & Trade

The spirit-folk of Golden Shoot often work as cartographers, mapping the forest and following changes of natural routes and areas to avoid. Parties spread out to work their way through each region during the spring and summer and sell the maps to Shansin and merchants from Maoling. They also make special maps of the leylines and ether flow, as well as areas you can find certain fey. These are only traded with other spirit-folk, druids, and mushi masters. They do not trade many, but the very rare information is worth much.   Other denizens collect Tan-Gin silver to trade with the Shansin apothecary and occasionally send a party to trade the silver and eggs in Maoling.   The settlement is mostly self-sufficient and the population lives well off foraging. They mostly trade for ceramics and metals, and for food for the winter when they stay inside in a semi-hibernation.

Guilds and Factions

There are 5 groves seen as clans or neighborhoods:
  • Golden Grove: said to be the original patch that started the settlement it is the second largest grove and the most developed. It is the face of the village, somewhat central but closest to the trail.
  • Moon-Song Grove: named for the beautiful singing of the Tan-Gin swarm that share this grove. The denizens live in symbiosis with these tiny fey providing safe and plentiful homes in exchange for some silver spit and insect control.
  • Guardian Grove: a smaller grove made from particularly hearty and sturdy bamboo. The folk from this grove traditionally train and serve as warriors for Golden Shoot.
  • Light-Root Grove: the largest grove made of very fertile bamboo, it is known to be on a long-stable leyline. The folk from this grove often have strong connections to the fey and spirit world, and make gifted druids.
  • Tiger Grove: named for the famed kamic tiger that once took shelter here while injured. The kamic tiger is said to have blessed this grove and the spirit-folk born from it have a boon of magic resistance.


All the buildings are domes woven from live bamboo with layers of fabric lining the inside. The paths have not been cut back but are instead trained into archways.

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30 Jan, 2019 20:19

I really enjoy the mix of classic fantasy and far eatern themes you've got for this world! And here I really like the map-making business they have, makes a lot of sense. I'd love to know more about these spirit-folk.