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23 Mar, 2019 18:30

Thanks for the follow!

23 Mar, 2019 21:16

Likewise :D

20 Mar, 2019 22:12

Hey there! Thank you for the follow!

21 Mar, 2019 17:16

You're welcome!

24 Feb, 2019 14:26

Thank you so much for the follow and the like on Konstatinov! By the way, did you hand draw the map of Candana? It's absolutely gorgeous.

24 Feb, 2019 17:52

You're very welcome, I'll have to look through all these other articles when I have the time. And thank you - yes I did!

1 Feb, 2019 18:58

Thank you for the follow, and welcome to the Anvil! :) Hope to read more from you soon! :)

2 Feb, 2019 11:14

Thank you! I'm working on it :D

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