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Bashan Do

Carved from Wai by Fengnao during the Three Kingdoms period of T’u Lung history, it is ruled by the descendants of the general who pried the lands away from Wai, Wen Lo Qent. The current governor is Wen Lo Ap, and his capital city is in the Te Lu District, just north of the Fenghsintzu. Wen Lo Ap is very loyal to the Yang clan of Fengnao, and ignores the edicts of the Emperor.


Bashan Do is divided into just 3 districts, two of these are overseen by a district governor appointed by the provincial governor, Wen Lo Ap. The third is ruled by Wen Lo Ap himself and the entire Wen clan.


The Quai Hills support mining of precious metals and the forest lining them allows for timber harvesting. The "Heart-road", the Fenghsitzu River, snakes through the territory providing reliable transport and plentiful fishing.   The Wen clan keeps a standing army of 2,000 along the border with Shou Lung, and another 1,000 troops along the border with Wai province.
Geopolitical, Province
Parent Organization

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