Thorn Curse Campaign in Kaos Rhythm
First and foremost please be aware that this is a homebrew campaign setting. I am not yet a professional and this is a
If you find mistakes or inconsistencies please let me know so I can fix them!
Here you can find a collection of articles with information relevant to the world of Kaos and highlight some of the unique details. The most significant changes are to the races, usually referred to as species.

Hit the button below to go to the page for Character Creation - beginning with a primer some basic information about where the campaign takes place, and then leading to details on player options for species, class, and background.
Let's Go!
Below is a list of articles included in the primer, and a few articles less about the Dawn of the Thorn Curse campaign, specifically, and more about the world of Kaos Rhythm in general. Originally this setting was not create for role playing, so some of this may not be completely compatible with game mechanics.

Primer Articles

Work in Progress...
More articles coming soon!