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Resident invokheir, problem-solver, and teacher, Kalandra has lived for years among the humans of Roland's Weald. After travelling across the continent in search of a more accepting community, she was horribly disappointed to learn that most humans see elves as nothing more than useful tools. Making the most of her limited ability to manipulate arcana, she gained membership to the Dannamore and tolerated their rules for several years before cutting loose from their oppressive structure and seeking to make her own opportunities.

Originally, Kalandra visited Roland's Weald after hearing a rumour that there was a small tribe of Fortum elves settled nearby. Although this turned out to be untrue, she discovered that her talents were recognized before her ears in the small community. For the first time in her life she felt treated as an equal. She would receive compliments if she was helpful, and friendly teasing if her plans proved overly complicated or failed outright.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up in Clavier, Kalandra was constantly frustrated by the locals treating her as inferior. Although she had nearly all the same rights as the human citizens, it was obvious in the social and academic circles she frequented that nobody intended to truly listen to her. After she completed the basic courses provided through the Dannamore in Clavier she decided that the city was not where she belonged and arduously travelled to Etude. Thinking she'd be better received in the capital it was a harsh disappointment when it became obvious that the elves in Etude didn't have it any better.

Personality Characteristics


Blatantly inspired to be seen as an individual rather than as an elf, a female, or a mage, Kalandra has humble confidence that sometimes unnerves others. Although she doesn't tend to boasts about her abilities she will always offer them when they may be of use to ensure nobody can forget the many facets of her identity.
Current Location
Travelling with the PCs
Year of Birth
3889 242 Years old
dark mossy green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
fawny pink
Quotes & Catchphrases
I don't like spiders.|Kalandra
Known Languages


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