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The Continent of Pymeris home to numerous civilizations and peoples lies beyond the great Enfay Cael, which "The Anarchy", the focal event of the novel of the same name takes place. Kanui is the name of the Planet, which is home to many Continent's like Pymeris. Pymeris is largely home to many realms such as Yasserheim,The Tasilan Empire, Etania and Aquitaine, among other smaller states.   Pymeris is home to a very large number of enchanted forest and mountain ranges that alter the weather of the region, also producing exotic material and commodities unlike any known such as Ebony Steel and Everwood.   Aquitaine is the focal realm in the novel "The Anarchy" a shattered and divided place with a long history of violence and sorrow, the events of the story deal with it's Unification.   Yasserheim is the focal realm in the light novel and webtoon "Tenkairoku" the ancient land of the Dark Elves which had been sealed away from it's neighbors for nearly two centuries. The novel follows the events after the magical barrier is suddenly dispelled.