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Department of Lunar Affairs

"Ssshhh, don't tell! Of course we know all about the wobble. We've been monitoring it from the beginning. Sure, it's distressing to know that in the not too distant future the six moons of Kataan will come crashing down in a world ending disaster, but there's nothing we can do about it. We've alerted the UAG to the problem, but they've made it clear that they won't lift a finger to help. Fixing the alignment of the moons is not exactly a simple thing, you know, and Kataan is so old and out-dated now. The UAG says it would be a waste of funds that could better be used elsewhere, so what can we do? Our hands are tied. We must do everything we can to keep production going so we can meet our quotas for as long as possible, and most importantly, we must keep this a secret. Can you imagine the panic it would cause if word got out? We know the believers have been shouting about it for some time now, but that doesn't matter. Everybody knows they're a bunch of loonies. Who's going to take anything they say seriously? And if anybody else starts making trouble, the UAG regulators will take care of them. So, you see, there's nothing to worry about. We're sure that when the time comes the UAG will have everyone evacuated in an orderly fashion. What could possibly go wrong?"  


  The Department of Lunar Affairs was established during the installation of the four artificial moons, and it is responsible for the oversight and coordination of everything pertaining to all six moons of Kataan. The department runs the mining and manufacturing facilities located on the moons, as well as the shipping centers that load the products that are assembled on Kataan into huge containers to be picked up and distributed throughout Kantostara by Taaruk's heavy freighters. They are also responsible for the maintenance of all lunar facilities and equipment.
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