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"Here Be Dragozale" (Drah-go-zah-lay)

What started out as a joke among the map makers of old, has since become a cherished custom that has endured for ages and is widely popular throughout Kantostara.  


  In the early days of space travel, the Bane'ile, who had a long history of constant migration across their home world, were among the first to begin traveling out into the farthest reaches of Kantostara, and they drew star maps to document what they discovered during their travels. Those early map makers apparently had quite a sense of humor because, whenever there was a place on the map that was as yet unexplored, they would label it with drawings of dragozale to suggest that no one knows for sure what might be found there, so proceed with caution.   A dragozale is a reptilian species that was often found in remote regions of the Bane'ile home world. They go through twelve stages of physical life transforming from land creatures to flying creatures, and then upon reaching the thirteenth stage, they transcend the physical dimension altogether. Because of this metamorphosis, the dragozale have always held a prominent place in Bane'ile mythology and symbolism. In fact, most Bane'ile space craft are actually designed to resemble dragozale in their flying forms.   It is believed that this reverence for dragozale along with their mysterious ways and habit of living in remote locations is what lead the early Bane'ile star map makers to associate them with unexplored regions of the galaxy. In any case, the custom caught on, and soon the same images adorned the unexplored regions of every star map as well as the remote areas on maps of many of the worlds in Kantostara.  


  Unbeknowst to most map makers, there actually are dragozale living in these regions of Kantostara, so their fanciful depictions are quite accurate. Of course, they are the non-corporeal kind of dragozale who have reached their thirteenth stage of life and have transcended the physical. There are also a number of other creatures making their homes out in space who are regarded as mythological by the majority of people.
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