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Federation of the Northern City

Two officials are elected by the northwest and southeast halves of Sterelen.   Azen Humi Elected Leaders (highest up)
Bazen Left Leader (elected by the Wooth)
Pasen Right Leader (elected by the Moozth)
Azo (are picked by one leader and approved by the other)(each side has 20 members)
Bazo Humi under left leaders orders
Paso Humi under right leaders orders

The Azo stay in power as long as their Azen is in power, and may be removed from power if either Azen deems so.   The Azen stay in power as long as their half of Sterelen wishes them to be. There is usually a set amount of time before they are in for review which is also picked during the ballet that elected that leader. Though the reviews are a set time, if ⅔ of all the people or of their half voice their disapproval of an Azen they are removed from power.   though north-eastern humi territory is the most pregeduce with drake, their southern relatives live in near coexistence with them. this creates a rift between them, leading to the area being heavy in war.  
Though the southern is not all roses, as they have more rigid forms of government, nearly authoritative regimes. they are also the ones who mainly inside the skirmishes, enforcing their equality between species onto the north.   Zjrazam cages and drugs other species, and has the populace believing other species are truly evil and unintelligent.


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