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Akua Sky Islanders

The, mostly Tsohtsi, who make the prevalent floating islands south of the Auka mountains. They believe it is divine fate if their islands either come together or break apart. If two islands come together, the people of the islands where destined to be as one, and their separate nations or cities will also become as one. Though if the islands break apart, that too is destined, and they are no longer one people. If two islands are at war, or are at least at odds, and they come together: they will cease their war and outward hostilities. They may still have animosity towards each other, and may even try to pull the islands apart, but as long as they are together they must act with peace.
  As the islands are constantly moving, flying from one land nation to another, what nation they associate them with is deemed by the island and the people of the island. If they are apart of, for example, O'I'e'a'e'ta'u' drift to be over U:i:e:O:o:I:ta'u', they are still apart of O'I'e'a'e'ta'u' and abide by their laws and beliefs.
  While most Akua Sky Islanders are tsohtsi, anyone who lives upon the islands could call themselves Islanders, no matter the species. But other species have a hard time living on the floating islands, let alone making it up there.


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